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Those Annoying Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

Those Annoying Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors

What is ones view of Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors?

They come across as annoying and bothersome people. They tend to annoy you by making you think of the future when it has not even arrived yet and you are too busy enjoying today. They are making you think what would happen to your loved ones should anything happen to you when you are so accustomed to thinking – Nothing is going to happen to me. I have a long time to go-. They seem to bother you by making you keep up with those premiums that you are paying for which you are seeing no immediate return and you think what a waste of money. They want to meet up to review things and you think "review what? I could be playing golf or catching up on that movie."

At parties when you see them you try to avoid joining the buffet line or going to get that drink at the bar as you may get engaged in that conversation or may get reminded of that meeting that you have been delaying.

However if tragedy strikes (God forbid), these same annoying, bothersome people become angles in disguise. Suddenly your life and future lies in their hands. You become eager to see them when you once avoided them. Their phone calls become the most awaited ones.

This is not a story. This is my experience of when tragedy struck us 15 years ago on 15thSeptember 1998 when my husband Mukesh Patel who was only 45 years old was involved in a tragic car accident.

My angel in disguise was Billy Singh. The financial guidance that Billy provided for us has helped me live a comfortable life and allowed me to focus on bringing up my 3 children single-handedly.

Support from friends and family are extremely important when one is dealing with a loss of a spouse. It is the most traumatic time of your life (believe me it is) however there is little comfort knowing your finances are in place so that you and your family especially your children are not put through yet another trauma of having to adjust to a different life style completely, even to the point of moving out of your home where you had built all the memories. It allows you to spend time with your family to comfort each other.

It gives you the dignity of not having to stretch your arms out to others.

Billy I THANK YOU for annoying and bothering Mukesh!

Thank you for your continued support and guidance both professionally and personally.

Nina Patel