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Our Approach

Coordination of Advisors
Coordination of the Comprehensive
Planning Process
Economic Modeling
Maximization of Wealth
Protection of Assets
Conservation of Wealth 
Distribution of Wealth
Annual Financial Wellness Review



  • Help clients to maximize their wealth building potential;
  • Define short, medium and long term goals, objections and dreams;
  • Design an Economic Model focusing at this stage on the process, rather than the products.


  • Through proper planning we can help to protect your family from life's financial risks...death, disability or simply outliving one's assets;
  • Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income;
  • At Forest Hills Financial Group we also protect your most important asset... Human Life Value.


  • Provide for the efficient transfer of wealth as a legacy to your heirs;
  • Ensure the well being of your family for generations to come.

It might be said that equal parts of economic know-how coupled with an understanding of human nature are generally needed to achieve the desired results. Our four-step program is designed to guide you simply through an otherwise complex process with minimal time commitment required on your part. To recap, it is comprised of:

  1. THE DISCOVERY PHASE - gathering accurate data while obtaining a clear understanding of your financial objectives and goals; 
  2. PLAN DEVELOPMENT - assembling the specialists to review and develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your requirements using our unique financial "model"; 
  3. BLUEPRINT PRESENTATION - presenting you with a comprehensive plan for your approval and fine tuning; and, 
  4. THE IMPLEMENTATION PHASE & PERFORMANCE CHECK-UPS - implementing the approved plan and continual monitoring for performance results.

Our goal is to assist our clients by reaping benefits from tax savings and risk control in order to help provide a stable financial future. And remember, we'll revisit the plan every year to ensure everything is working at maximum capacity for your growth.